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Unlock iPhone Without Any Problems

How It Works

Why Choose Us?


Having helped over 1,586,000 people to unlock iPhones we have the right to state we’re the largest and most experienced Unlock team in the world, thanks to the tremendous feedback from our customers.


Lowest prices guaranteed in the Unlocking iPhone world which correspond to high-quality service! We have the experience and knowledge to offer the most competitive prices possible to unlock your iPhone.


Our Company guarantees you will get the results you pay for, with 100% certainty, as quickly as possible. You get what you pay for or your money back. With our proprietary software you’ll be absolutely satisfied with the best outcome.


Our qualified support will assist you at any time. This is the reason for our customers to call us the best iPhone Unlocking Service. We’re here to care about you if you need any help.

100% Guaranteed Permanent Unlock.  Work With All iPhone Models & Software Versions.

Factory unlock your iPhone today using our fast and guaranteed service!

  • All iPhone models:
  • Apple iPhone 6S+
  • Apple iPhone 6S
  • Apple iPhone 6+
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 5C
  • All iOS firmware as:
  • iOS 9.1
  • iOS 9.0
  • iOS 8.3
  • iOS 8.2
  • iOS 8.1.3
  • All iPhone baseband and bootloader:
  • 5.4.00
  • 5.2.00
  • 5.0.02
  • 5.00.01
  • 5.02.00

What People Say About Unlock-Experts

I love you, guys, very much!!! Now I have my iPhone 6 unlocked and can use it wherever I would like. You are awesome with this service! It is so helpful!

Max McKinney
Max McKinneyUK Vodafone iPhone 6

Hi, guys. Thank you for your service. I have installed your unlocking service, and now my iPhone can work on any network after the only one click of the button. You are doing a great job, and I am likely to come back if I need.

Mirika Greenwood
Mirika GreenwoodNorway Netcom, iPhone 5

Using of this service was really a breeze! Very friendly and professional Customer Support team, and a good price, indeed. Now, I can use my iPhone 5S everywhere with any network. And it is very important because I travel much. I can even use my UK o2 SIM card here in Canada, or anywhere I wish. All this works so smoothly. Thank you, guys!

Linda J.
Linda J.UK, iPhone 5S

Get Your iDevice Ready for Using Anywhere

We are official experts and we propose you proprietary software which can help make official unlock for your own iPhone or for any other one. We provide easy unlocking for any iDevice including all iPhone versions. We don’t offer jailbreaking, just unique chance to join iTunes white lists.

Free and super quick provider verification: never trust companies that make you wait far too long for your phone unlock, don’t spend money like water. You will never be able to return your money in case you choose incorrect website. On the contrary our site offers you guaranteed result for unlocking service. All we need is only your IMEI.

Our Company is based in the United Kingdom. You can find all our contacts on this website. Send us your message if you need extra details. Our 24/7 qualified support are here to help you. Excellent result is guaranteed or you will get the refund. The procedure is clear, simple and official.

We use official factory unlock appropriate for any Apple device. Regardless of provider or firmware version (even the latest iOS), we offer to unlock any iPhone.

Average time for your phone unlock is 1-3 days, but it depends on specific situation. You can find time frame details when enter your iDevice details. Get your official unlock fast like lightning with Unlock-Experts Company!

Your iDevice will be unlocked permanently, so you will be able to make safe sync with iTunes.

You will keep your Apple warranty and your iDevice will face no limits.

If you have any questions about your iPhone (any means not just about its unlock), feel free to contact us every day via our Contact form or via our Online chat support.

As we offer the unique working unlock service for all the models of iPhone, our service is strongly recommended by our customers! You can read reviews of all our clients and make the right decision.

Our iPhone unlocks are officially supplied by formal suppliers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert in computers or not. You will be able to use our service for the easy unlock of any iPhone, even to unlock iPhone 6+, 6S or 6S+. Your iPhone may be equipped with the early software, or it may have the latest iOS firmware in it. You will receive it unlocked for a low one-time price. This will include the lifetime updates for all the future models of iPhones, especially, those that allow to unlock iPhone 6+ or any other model. You will never have to pay for iPhone unlock again, we won’t charge you with any monthly fee like all our competitors do.

Our service is sure to work with the latest versions of IOS 9 to unlock iPhone 6S+ as well as the previous models of 3, 4. This service can also be used to unlock all other iPhones and iTouch devices which were released earlier. We are happy to inform you that our first Unlock Service was used for iPhone in 2007.